Remote Workforce More At Risk For Cyber Threats!

Cyber security is almost always an issues. We’ve faced this problem for many years, but now are experiencing something different as many of us are working remotely. But despite the change in work environment, the security threats remains the same.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Risk Report, Cyber Attacks are one of the bigges threats businesses will see over the next ten years. And with the recent shift to remote work, this only increases that threat.

Two Things Remote Workers Should Lookout For:

1 – Phishing. Fake emails that look a lot like official communications, whether from internal or external stakeholders. Essentially, hackers steal personal or comapany information and send emails that resemble an official stakeholder account. The emails can look very real and when you’re busy working, multi-tasking, etc., you may not think otherwise when you see it. In some cases, the emails will contain a link which when clicked, will take you to a website designed to steal your information or just release a malicious software on your PS or network apon opening! To avoid this, always pay attention to the “Form” emails address. If the email doesn’t match the name of the sender or it’s just giving you red flags in general, DO NOT OPEN!

2 – Ransomware. Businesses accross the nation have experienced an increase in ransomware attacks. Again, an email is sent that increase looks official, but is not. Once opened, it releases a

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