RICOH intelligent Voice Control

Keeping People Productive With Touch-less Devices.

One of the most remakable innovations that has achieved global recognition, is Voice Control Systems. In recent years, voice control is being utilized in cars, phones, computers, and much more. It’s an exceptional feature, that allows you to make use of your devices, without touching them.

Alexa and Ricoh Compatibility

Let’s face it, the office can be a fast paced place and we’re always on the move. If you have a compatible Amazon Echo device and Alexa for Business account, RICOH intelligent Voice Control allows you to initiate copy, scan and fax processes at your Ricoh Multifunction device with very easy-to-use voice commands. Imagine working and simply via voice, be able to make multiple settings changes. Changing the quantity, color and simplex/duplex using a single voice command! As long as Alexa has her blue, you can bet she is processing your command.

Remote Workforce More At Risk For Cyber Threats!

Cyber security is almost always an issues. We’ve faced this problem for many years, but now are experiencing something different as many of us are working remotely. But despite the change in work environment, the security threats remains the same.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Risk Report, Cyber Attacks are one of the bigges threats businesses will see over the next ten years. And with the recent shift to remote work, this only increases that threat.

Two Things Remote Workers Should Lookout For:

1 – Phishing. Fake emails that look a lot like official communications, whether from internal or external stakeholders. Essentially, hackers steal personal or comapany information and send emails that resemble an official stakeholder account. The emails can look very real and when you’re busy working, multi-tasking, etc., you may not think otherwise when you see it. In some cases, the emails will contain a link which when clicked, will take you to a website designed to steal your information or just release a malicious software on your PS or network apon opening! To avoid this, always pay attention to the “Form” emails address. If the email doesn’t match the name of the sender or it’s just giving you red flags in general, DO NOT OPEN!

2 – Ransomware. Businesses accross the nation have experienced an increase in ransomware attacks. Again, an email is sent that increase looks official, but is not. Once opened, it releases a

FAQ’s Regarding the SmartXHUB Thermal Scanner

For the past month or so, we’ve been marketing a new product called the SmartXHUB Thermal Scanner. The purpose of this blog is to educate and address common questions that people may have about this game-changer of a product.

Let’s get started, shall we?

SmartXHUB Thermal Scanner: What is it?!

In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become critically important to monitor the condition of the people coming in and out of your building. Are they sick? Are they showing symptoms? Do they have a fever? All of these questions are critical to know. Perhaps the most important question, What is the Best Method of Detection? This is the where the SmartXHUB comes in.

The SmartXHUB is a thermal temperature scanning device that detects a person’s temperature to determine if they have a fever or not. Fever is the ultimate symptom when determining if a person may or may not have COVID-19. The SmartXHUB can quickly read a person’s temperature to determine if it is indeed, elevated.

How does the SmartXHUB work?!

Imagine walking into your place of work and before fully entering the building, someone was there to check your temperature before allowing you inside. Many public organizations are facing this now. Although affective, may not the best and safest way to do this. With the SmartXHUB, this eliminates someone having to do that. When an individual arrives to your building, before fully entering, they will be met by a device that will be standing eye-level. The person entering simply places their face in front of the device and within a second their temperature is detected and they are allowed or omitted entry. The device will sound an alarm or notification if a high temperature is detected. This is a very accurate and safe way to do this because unlike the first process, this is CONTACTLESS. And for the individual assigned to work the front and take temperatures, they now can be utilized in other ways.

Let’s dig in a little deeper!?

The SmartXHUB uses the latest thermal imaging to detect infrared rays emitted by an individual’s body. The rays will indicate an individual’s body heat, which the scanners will convert into readable temperature measurements. The average person’s body temperature is between 97-99 degrees. Anything over this temperature will trigger an alert that will be sent to the system administrator. Again, high temperatures indicate a fever, which is a major symptom of COVID-19.