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Copy, Print, Scan, Multi-Functional

Award winning copiers, printers, wide-format and document solutions from the world’s leading manufacturer.

Production Print

When it comes to Production Printing you can’t have too many capibilities, turn custom work into everyday work.

Document Software Solutions

Is your information as mobile as you are?
  • Scan to text searchable PDF/word/excel
  • Scan to cloud services (google docs, dropbox, etc)
  • Change file formats (convert word to excel or PDF)
  • Print and retrieve from any MFD
  • Scan to searchable PDF
  • Change file formats (convert word to excel or PDF)
  • Browse folders and sub-folders for archived scans
  • Integrate with Microsoft Exchange
  • Archive & Retrieval
  • Document Workflow
  • Invoice Processing
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Web Forms
  • Compliance to Gov’t Regulations (HIPAA & Sarbanes Oxley)
  • Limits/ tracks usage through user codes
  • Follow me print (print then retrieve from any MFD)
  • Pop-up boxes providing printing recommendations
  • iPad and iPhone printing
  • Integrates with Prox Card Readers

Document Scanning for Archival / Retrieval

With file boxes slowly taking over your office it is difficult to stay up to date with your documents. Let alone having any of the information available 24/7.

Commercial Imaging

Ricoh is the premier provider of high volume document imaging and conversion services. Ricoh owns and operates the largest network of secure scanning centers nationwide performing image capture of over 3.2 billion pages 24/7/365 last year alone.

For over twenty-six years, Ricoh’s Document Imaging Services’ primary mission has been to accurately capture images from any media (e.g., paper, large format drawings, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, electronically stored information, etc.) and deliver them to our clients in a hard-copy or a database-ready format. Our emphasis on quality, performance, mutual project success while maintaining confidentiality and chain of custody has translated into thousands of satisfied customers who have entrusted Ricoh with their legal, PHI, PII, HIPAA and business-critical documents.

Managed Printer Services

Streamline your printer fleet and reduce costs and environmental footprint.


  • Track 100% of printing Activity
  • Provides data on volumes, color vs. B&W, printer inventory, etc.
  • Reveal printing workflow issues by seeing the who, what, when, where, and how

RulesPrint Audit

  • Migrate printing to the most efficient output devices to ensure lowest cost
  • Suggest or enforce printing habits through customized pop-up messages (i.e. Printer Limits, Color Limits, Duplex, ETC.)


  • Allocate print, copy, scans back to users or clients for billing purposes
  • Establish PIN codes and optional job code validation for users
  • Integrates directly with any accounting system